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About Hyperhidrosis

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Microscopic Solutions

Microscopic Solutions have always been the cornerstone of Miyohara Trichology. For nearly 3 decades it has been this benchmark that sets us apart from our competitors, eliminating cookie-cutter methods that do not yield results.

Miyohara leads the way here in the US using this science to take out all of the guesswork for each client while also giving each client the ease and comfort to know why they are really losing their hair and what can be done about it. This is what makes us leaders in microscopic/polarization detection.


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Get To The Root of Hair Loss

Many people are not aware that their sweat is metabolic waste that has uric acid, lactic acid, chloride, and potassium (which are mainly salts mixed in with water). Over a period of time, constant sweating will begin to cause hair thinning leading to hair loss in both men and women if something is not done to counteract this metabolic waste on the scalp.

Our patent-pending Hyper Lotion was created just for this condition, this product will help counteract the damaging effects on the scalp as well as the hair, restoring the quality of the hair and scalp back to normal.


Individuals that suffer from hair loss due to excessive sweating have the tendency for matted and tangled hair because the cuticles have been stripped, leaving the hair dry and dehydrated. This causes the hair to start shedding more than normal which could lead to serious hair loss.

Miyohara’s hair products are a proprietary blend of botanicals that are carefully sourced to create specialized formulations for each type of hair loss.

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Meet Trichologist Erkkie Harris-Wells

Expert in diseases of the hair and scalp, Erkki specializes in analysis, diagnosis, and the non-medical treatment for all types of hair loss.

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It’s not about hair loss, it’s about hair recovery…

Our clinic has never been about just fixing things!

We’ve always wanted to make sure that on par with healing the scalp disorder and hair loss, we also do our job in propagating the prevention as well!

Our Success Stories


Read about just a couple of our success stories, and learn how we helped these clients achieve hair and scalp health.

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Not only was the treatment itself successful, but having Mrs. Wells by my side made all the difference as well. One could not ask for a kinder, more generous or more caring person to go through these kinds of treatments with. She truly and genuinely cares about the people she is helping, and she puts forth so much time and effort making sure her clients get the right products, and the best products available.

Kate S.

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I began my treatment program and was amazed to see that my hair stopped thinning within the first month. I was even more elated when my hair began to grow, even in the area affected by alopecia. After six months I am well on my way to a thick, full head of hair for the first time in many years.

Debra P.

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As a plastic surgeon with an interest in hair transplantation, I have worked with many medical paraprofessionals over the years. I cannot recall any one who had more passion and devotion to the their work than Erkkie Harris-Wells.

Mark E. Krugman, M.D.

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The Four Main


Excessive Sweating

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Thyroid Imbalance

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Adrenal Imbalance

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Hyperhydrosis vs. Androgenetic

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The Four Main

External Services that can Exacerbate Hyperhidrosis


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Hair Coloring

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Chemical Straightening

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Braids & Weaves

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Do you suffer from Hyperhidrosis or want to prevent it?

About Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is the medical terminology for excessive sweating.

There are many factors that can cause some people to sweat more than normal: if a person is under a great deal of stress this can cause one to sweat more than normal. If an individual plays sports or works out at the gym on a regular basis, this will cause excessive sweat. Or if the body is going through a change of life and hormones are fluctuating, this too can cause excessive sweating.

In your sweat, also known as metabolic waste, you have by-products of lactic acid, sodium chloride, potassium salts, urea, and ammonia. Over a period of time, this waste begins to destroy the hair follicle by stripping away the cuticles, depriving it of vital minerals and moisture inside of the protective epithelial sheath. If this waste reaches the bulb it can reduce the growth and life of the hair.

With men, this condition is easily identified with red scalp, dandruff, and frizzy dry hair in the crown with thinning. With women, there are some hindrances due to women coloring their hair, bleaching their hair, straightening their hair, having a hair weave, etc. All of these modalities can impede the findings until a full hair extraction is done to see below the scalp to know of the is condition we are dealing with.

Well, the most notable for women is excessive hair shedding and loss of hair density. In men that do not have MPB: redness, greasiness, sour smell on scalp especially in the morning upon wakening, or thinning in the crown and around the hairline.

We perform microscopic polarization testing to identify with 100% accuracy if you have this condition or not.

Only if you have an (HSA) Health Savings Account, which is an add-on to your regular medical insurance.

If there are no serious underlining problem, it takes on average 3 to 6 months to stabilize this type of hair loss. It is possible to take up to a year if you have had the condition for a long time. But you will notice a difference in how much less the hair is shedding and how well the scalp feels. We have had individuals experience this improvement as quickly as 2 weeks and for some, one month. It varies from person to person, but here at Miyohara International, if hyperhidrosis is what you are suffering from, we are the team who can help you.

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Our line of hair and scalp products will help to counteract the negative effects of hyperhidrosis.

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